The United States and Japan Pray At Pearl Harbor to Get Exculpation from the War

the-united-states-and-japan-pray-at-pearl-harbor-to-get-exculpation-from-the-warA historic step was taken by the leaders of both the country on Tuesday at Pearl Harbor. The political protagonists of US and Japan together visited the sanctified water of the harbor and proved that even ponderous enemy can turn into allies as per the time. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, did not feel guilty and did not go through any apology despite saying the heart-scorching memory never will be repeated again due to the dread of war.

Seventy-five years ago, Japan surprisingly attacks America’ Pearl Harbor which led US into World War II. Abe and Obama turned up near to the USS Arizona’s rusting wrecks. The wreckage apparently is in sight in the teal, unruffled water. Over 1000 US soldiers’ were died and entombed under the submerged ship. Abe and Obama showed heartiest respect to the martyrs giving peaceful tribute by dropping into the water the purple petals and standing in silence.

Abe later gave his statement at Hickam, the nearby Pearl Harbor Joint Base that his high condolences are with the unfortunate spirits who lost their life during the severe and sudden attack. He also felt worse and showed his grief for the souls of every individual who at that time lived over there and lost everything as a result of the war that commenced in the particular place.

Abe’s regret and explanation are enough for Barack Obama as the US people’s leader desolated to apologize in the same way while he visited Hiroshima seven months ago after becoming the first sitting President of America. The historical and barbarian atomic bomb attack was commenced in the city by the US army to stop the war.

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