Friends Push Jennifer and Drake to Get into Serious Romance

friends-push-jennifer-and-drake-to-get-into-serious-romanceAre Jennifer and Drake just spending quality time? Or they are in a serious relation to holding the hands for the years to come? The answer is not cleared till yet. The doubt about their relationship has been rumored though none of them apparently gave a hint. Jennifer, who is 47 now, might be in a wistful relation with Drake, 30. The news got more fuel while the singer and the rapper posted a cute and cozy picture on Instagram on Wednesday. If sources are to be believed, the friend of the couple wishes to see more cuddling romance in between them. On PEOPLE magazine, a source said on Tuesday that the friends are hoping that the relation would get a serious status.

It seems that the friends of Drake and Jennifer showed them the green signal to step a little ahead from the friendship, as per the Wednesday’s news report. The Instagram accounts of Drake and Jennifer get flooded with relationship status and pictures which exposed that the friends are assuming something fishy is going on!

PEOPLE magazine claims that this is not the right time to come to a conclusion about the personal life of Jennifer and Drake. According to the sources, it is true that both are getting closer and have enough respect for each other yet, it is quite early to say that they are in love. Adding more the source said, it is time to wait to see how far and where it goes eventually. Well, until anything gets confirmed, fans have to wait.

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