The Incidents That Make December 26 Memorable Since The Historical Era

In this year the December 26 is on today, Monday, the initial day of a week. The date reminds that only five days are left to welcome the New Year. 26th December is the 361st day of a year and valuable for the American due to the Kwanzaa festival which starts from today. The entire celebration is dignified for the upcoming seven days. The date is also celebrated as The Boxing Day too.

Here are some unforgettable incidents of today are described with appropriate information. Check out them in bellow:

During the World War II, on 1941’s December 26, Winston Churchill turned out the first Prime Minister of British Government and came for a joint meeting with the U.S. Congress. With a grim, Churchill warned that numerous unwanted unpleasant surprises and disappointments would come in the future. But, the British Prime Minister also expressed trust saying that the American and British people would work together with  peace, justice, and majesty for their own safety and also for the good of everything.

In the year 1799, on this day, President of America at that time, George Washington, got a huge compliment from Col. Henry Lee. According to Lee the President came first in war, in peace and of course, placed first in the hearts of every countryman.

On 26th of December in the year 1865, the Massachusetts-based James H. Nason of Franklin got a patent for the improved coffee percolator.

In 1908, December 26, the first African-American boxer, Jack Johnson won the heavyweight world championship in Sydney, Australia.

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