12 People Fatally Shot Down In Chicago During Christmas Weekend

12-people-fatally-shot-down-in-chicago-during-christmas-weekendCitywide crime in Chicago didn’t slow down during the holiday weekend. City police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in news briefing on Monday that “there are totally 27 cases of firing during the Christmas weekend, 12 of them are fatal.

Most of the cases come in light from the area of south and west sides of the city, these particular areas have a history of various gang conflicts”. Johnson added that “Majority of these shootings are planed attacks by the gangs on their rival gangs, as most of the rival gang members and groups were enjoying holiday gathering”.

In one incident on Christmas night, a man opened fire on people parting on a porch on the east Chatham neighborhood and then ran away. Two reported died and five other seriously injured. Both who died were brother one is 18 and the second one is 21 years old.

Johnson stated that”ninety percent of those killed had a criminal history and gang affiliation as well. They are also identified as victims of gum violence and potential offenders. In addition with this forty-five guns were seized over the weekend”.

Chicago police release the information about the homicides and shooting incidents in the city in the time span of January 1 and December 25 in 2016 and 2015. There are totally 753 homicides and 3.495 shooting incident reported in 2016.

During the same time frame, there were 478 cases of homicides and 2,393 cases of the shooting came to light in 2015. This shows the continuous growth in the rising of criminal activities.

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