Pleas Of 2 US Electors For Avoiding Fine Got Rejected By Federal Judge

pleas-of-2-us-electors-for-avoiding-fine-got-rejected-by-federal-judge2 Democratic Electors of the USA, Bret Chiafalo and Levi Guerra tried to deny the presidency to Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who has recently won the presidential election of the USA. But according to the law of the state, they are liable to be fined up to $1000, for denying the result of the popular vote. So they appealed to the US Courtship in Washington, for stopping the state from fining them.

But on 14th December, the US District Judge James L. Robart had rejected this appeal for issuing an injunction to stop Washington from fining these electors, submitted by their lawyer Sumeer Singla. According to the Judge, their case was too weak for the justification of blocking a prevailing state law; though their lawyer had argued on the point that the electors should be able to use their free-speech right and ascertain that no incompetent person become the president of the country.

Citing the similar cases filed in the district courts of California and Colorado, Judge Robart said that an elector’s vote in the Electoral College cannot be counted as the right of free speech, as they had voluntarily signed the pledge for supporting the majority will. But Bret Chiafalo said that they were actually sure of the win of the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton and indeed, she won in Washington State, but lost in overall USA election to Trump.

A deputy state solicitor general, Callie Castillo informed the court during the hearing, that the electors could have moved the court after being fined, instead of trying to block the total rule of state fine; as they were not yet fined at all. But as per the report available on Wednesday night, Chiafalo and his lawyer were yet to decide about filing an appeal to 9th US Circuit Court.

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