IBM Executive Declares To Recruit More Americans Before Meeting Trump

On 14th December, the Chief Executive of IBM, Ginni Rometty committed to hire and train up plenty of Americans soon, before she was going to meet Donald Trump, the US President-elect, accompanied by some other technological executives of the company. Incidentally, Rometty is one of the executives who were selected by Trump, for forming an advisory council, to help him in creating more jobs for the American youth.

According to Rometty, there are plenty of vacant positions in IBM and the company management has planned to recruit around 25,000 Americans in the coming 4 years, in their different units in the USA. IBM spokesperson Adam Pratt also confirmed this fact that they will be increasing their US workforce to a much larger size by 2020; though it will be the same at this yearend, as it was at the starting of 2016.

Though according to the reports of a few previous years, the amount of workforce in the USA was reduced; Rometty mentioned in her article published in USA Today that new work culture is evolving in the company, giving rise to the creation of plenty of new technological jobs; like cloud computing and data science, with the requirement of new recruits for training and development of these vast workforce.

In her article, she has requested US Congress to modify Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, so that better federal support can be extended for the vocational education. Moreover, Rometty mentioned that IBM Company has planned to spend $1 billion for this training and development of the newly recruited American workforce, in the upcoming 4 years. But neither Rometty, nor Pratt confirmed whether there is any increase in the expense of the company, for the training purposes.

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