Administrative Actions Are About To Take Close Campsite Rock Protest

administrative-actions-are-about-to-take-close-campsite-rock-protestThe campsite Rock Protest in North Dakota is going to close soon due to the public security concern as; the federal officials are ready to start operation to stop the entrance of the demonstrators in the ‘free speech zone’ campsite. Strikers have shown objection against the coarse oil pipeline construction which is closer to the Sioux Reservation, located not so far away from Standing Rock.

Engineers of the Army Corps sent a letter to the Sioux Tribe chairman, Dave Archambault II on Friday saying that the arbitration had been taken for the protection of general citizens from the homicidal confrontation which has been going on in between the law enforcement administration and the protestors of the area.

According to Mr. Archambault, the tribal community was not pleased with the decision at all.

The chairperson has continued that the decision was unfortunate, as well as disrespectful that the announcement is made on an auspicious day while the entire America celebrates Thanksgiving.  This is the celebration of historical communication between the initial European immigrants and the Native Americans. Mr. Archambault also said that the news is really saddening but not surprising at all as the tribal people are mistreated such as since 500 years back.

As per the authorities plan, the entire northern area of Cannonball River will be closed along with the Oceti Sakowin camp which is scattered southern area of Bismarck almost 40 miles. This is the exact place where the strikers, come across from 1,170-mile of Dakota, enter Pipeline has clustered since a few months back.

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