A New Auctioned Record Is Placed By the Million Dollars Rare ‘Unique Pink’ Diamond

a-new-auctioned-record-is-placed-by-the-million-dollars-rare-unique-pink-diamondOn Tuesday, Sotheby, Geneva, the rarest pear shaped diamond famously known ‘Unique Pink’ is auctioned and got up to $31.6 million price tag. This highly radiant pink diamond is the most costly one in the diamond auctioned history.

The unknown private buyer from Asia, whose identity is still unrevealed, owned the stunning pink diamond containing a simple ring just by making the deal over the phone, according to a Sotheby’s spokesperson.
According to David Bennett, worldwide chairperson of International Jewellery, Sotheby, it is quite hard to explain the enigmatic beauty of the pink diamond due to its mesmerizing color.
In November 2010, the most expensive auction was held for ‘Graff Pink’ 24.78 carat diamond which went up to $46.2 million at the Sotheby’s auction.

Yesterday a new record is made by ‘Unique Pink’ diamond by eclipsing the previous record which was done at the Christie’s auction by the diamond named ‘Sweet Josephine’ in November last year.
A Hong Kong-based billionaire named Joseph Lau owned the 16.08 carat diamond by $28.5 million for Josephine, the billionaire’s daughter who is seven years old at that time.

These all the diamonds are bright and scintillating but somehow all are pale when compare to the diamond Lau purchased for his 7-years-old daughter. Lau has purchased the dazzling diamond from Sotheby’s auction.

The highly surprising deal was done for the 12.03 carat “Blue Moon of Josephine” diamond. $48.4 million prices were finally authorized for this sparkling blue diamond.

But the new record is about to be made by the 14.62 carats another blue dazzling diamond named ‘Oppenheimer Blue’ which is also the largest vibrant blue diamond in the world.

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